IT BEGINS TODAY! Minecraft Factions – Episode 1(Spirit Season)

Hey guys, so welcome back to another season of Factions. Check below for some information!
This season is going to be different. Let's go over some things.
Firstly it is not going to be daily. This episode for example took me about 9 hours to make from start to finish! Every episode in this season is going to be perfect and sometimes they will take 2-4 days to make.
Secondly, this season will be done 100% legit. No world edit, no admin shop, just myself and the Burger Faction. Wish us luck. It's going to be REALLY tough. Get ready for an emotional rollercoster.
Thirdly, I want to thank my faction, my eventual ally factions, my enemy factions, and everyone that plays on Cosmic that makes this such an amazing experience. From people who kill me, to raid me, to get raided by me – everyone is family to me. Let's have a great planet, and have fun!
The Fallen Heroes:
Burger Faction:
JonSandMan |
Treyarch | Didn't Make Cod
_BigRob_ | Better than Rob
Beanie__ | Best Diary Writer Ever
MeekBaller96 | Meek, not in the intro lul
TnargNots | Noooooooooooooots
TurlteCookies | "Turtle killed me again"
Twittly | Th Helper, hearteyeemoji
Cakeaholic | Piece of Cake
PointAFK | Hi, I'm EZ
Scarraven | UHC King
Check out the Minecraft playlist:
Play on my Minecraft Faction Server:
My Second Channel ➨
The Pack:
MY P.O. BOX! Feel free to send me stuff
Robert Woofless
125-720 King Street West
Suite # 165
Toronto, ON
M5V 3S5
Music in my outro:
by Odjbox


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